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About Becky Krinsky
With a vision to “help people enrich and spice up their lives with values, connections, and inspiration,” Becky Krinsky founded Recetas Para la Vida™/Recipes for Life™. With professional backgrounds in the fields of psychology and education, Krinsky, born in Mexico, dedicate countless hours working with people (mainly Hispanic) to help them improve their lives and feel connected. They have seen what works and what doesn’t in relationships, what leads to success and happiness, and what keeps people stuck in their problems.

Becky Krinsky

Krinsky is a connector of people. Finding common life experiences that connected her with others she has met in her professional and personal world, inspired her to develop Recetas Para la Vida™/Recipes for Life™. Krinsky, a successful entrepreneur and university professor, has also organized business/inspirational symposiums and international seminars in human development. With an educational background and degrees from the University of Mexico in the sciences, education, human development, and counseling, she is also a proud mother and housewife. Recetas Para la Vida™/Recipes for Life™ launched her speaking career as she now appears on numerous Spanish language radio and television shows, sharing the “recipes.” The recipes are also published in dozens of publications to promote living a life of substance. Her desire is to take these recipes for life and make them learning experiences with a moral foundation that can be passed on from generation to generation. It is a true family life cookbook that she will stand by.